Why Rowing Machine Are Recommended?

Posted onApril 17, 2017 in Fitness

Rowing machine was introduced a decade ago, and they were not popular as they are now in the world. In many major GYMS, you can find the Rowing Machnine, and it is also rare that the bodybuilders use this machine because the machine is known as the lower-impact cardio equipment, so if you are someone who is planning to do some low impact cardio then rowing machine is for you.

Who are supposed top use this machine? In simple words, those who want to stay fit and do not want to gain weight at the same time. If you have plans for building muscles and growing biceps then first you have to go through to it. It is very simple to use and also your body does not have to go through harsh cardio.

Why Rowing Machine Are Recommended?

If you are not satisfied with the explanation, then I would like to give you a list of benefits which you can expect when you are using the Rowing machine for a month or so. It is important that you are using the equipment regularly because if you are capable enough to do that then let’s go through the list.

Rowing Machine Benefits:-

It works

You might get confused for the first week of the work out because when you at the GYM, you focus on the voice of your trainer and you just do what he says. However, after a week of use, your body will get used to the training then the results will start to p[roduce and you can expect results after a week or two. The workout is not intensive, so your body will not feel any damage or any body pains. Everyone expects results within a day or two, but you have to be patient to this to work out.

Lower Impact Cardio Workout

Like I have mentioned above that it takes around a week or two for the results to produce but when you are working out half an hour a day, then you will feel like your body is burning from top to bottom and you will start sweating. While doing so, you will also notice that this machine does not have much impact on your body. Many other types of equipment leave pains in different parts of your body for weeks, while the story is opposite on the Rowing machine.

Upper & Lower Body Workout

There are many types of equipment’s which you can try to workout, but when it comes to the upper or lower body, most of the equipment work for one of them. When you are working out on this machine, you will feel that your whole body is working out, which is a good thing. You don; ‘t have to depend on two or three equipment for the lower part of your body.

Weight Loss

If you have observed previous paragraphs, I have mentioned that once your body is used to the lower impact cardio, then you will start to sweat like you just had a shower. In other words, when you are working out, you are burning calories. Calories stand for body fat. The more you work out, the more you are burning fat. The equipment works for weight loss. All you have to do is to work out half an hour to forty-five minutes continuously without a break.


There is no doubt that the Rowing Machine doesn’t cause much of body pains like other equipments do and if you arer wondering how long does it take to get rid of Ten Pounds then all you need to do is to start working out for forty minutes from the second week. If you have a health condition then i would recommend you to consult your doctor first. If you have any questions then let us know in the comments.

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